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VISHNU01 vishnu wallpaper

VISHNU02 Brahma Vishnu wallpaper


VISHNU04 Sri Vishnu wallpaper

VISHNU05 Vishnu wallpaper

VISHNU06 vishnu lord wallpaper

VISHNU07 Lord Vishnu Wallpaper

VISHNU08 Vishnu Hindu wallpaper

VISHNU09 God Vishnu wallpaper

VISHNU10 L. Vishnu Screensavers

VISHNU11 Vishnu Shiva wallpaper

VISHNU12 L. Vishnu wallpaper

VISHNU13  Vishnu pics wallpaper

VISHNU14 Shree Vishnu wallpaper

VISHNU15 Vishnu art wallpaper

VISHNU16 Lord Vishnu wallpaper

VISHNU17 large vishnu painting

VISHNU18 Sri Vishnu wallpaper

VISHNU19 lord vishnu picture

VISHNU20 Sri Vishnu wallpaper

VISHNU21 large vishnu wallpaper

VISHNU22 Sri Vishnu wallpaper

VISHNU23 large vishnu wallpaper

VISHNU24 Sri Vishnu wallpaper

VISHNU25large vishnu wallpaper

VISHNU26 Sri Vishnu wallpaper

VISHNU27 wallpaper vishnu picture

VISHNU28 Sri Vishnu wallpaper

VISHNU29 large vishnu wallpaper

VISHNU30 wallpaper of Sri Vishnu

VISHNU31 large vishnu wallpaper

VISHNU32 wallpaper of Sri Vishnu

VISHNU33 wallpaper of vishnu picture

VISHNU34 Sri Vishnu wallpaper

VISHNU35 lord vishnu picture

VISHNU36 Sri Vishnu wallpaper

VISHNU37 wallpaper vishnu

VISHNU38 Sri Vishnu wallpaper

VISHNU39 large vishnu wallpaper

VISHNU40 wallpaper Sri Vishnu

VISHNU41 wallpaper vishnu pictures

VISHNU42 Sri Vishnu wallpaper

VISHNU43 lord vishnu picture

VISHNU44 wallpaper of Sri Vishnu

VISHNU45 large vishnu wallpaper
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Cosmic nature as the Mother of all vibrations has three phases in the Hindu Trinity.

Vishnu is responsible for the 'preservation' of the Universe, Brahma for creation and Shiva for destruction.

These deities are indigenous in the vibrations of the Cosmic Mother. They work through the six angels and the twelve celestial Adityas and through many other beings or intelligent creative powers (angels) to carry on the creation, preservation and dissolution of the vast universe and its government.

Vishnu is a differentiated force of Gods Creative Consciousness sustaining the universal body as one of the diverse manifestations that operate the government of the one omniscient spirit.

The PRESERVATIVE or Vishnu state is a spectacular, awesome display of the creator’s attribute of manifestation.

Sri Vishnu who is also known as Narayana has a distinguishing characteristic in the Vedas via his association with Light, or his identification with the Sun. Often seen with Lakshmi as his consort and with four arms that indicate his all-powerful and all-pervasive nature.

He holds a conch shell representing the creativity of fire, water, air, earth and space. The sound that evolves from blowing this conch is the primeval sound of creation.

A spinning discus like weapon called a chakra symbolizes the minds need to destroy one's ego and its illusory prison like self-existence in order to regain its real nature as omnipresent spirit.

The mace symbolizes the primeval force from which all mental and physical strength is derived.

And a lotus flower or Padma, held by the lower right hand, represents the concentration of truth or Satya, being the originator of the rules of right conduct or Dharma, and wisdom or Gyana which can lead to liberation.

Sri Vishnu also known as Narayana is the Supreme Being (i.e., God ) or Ultimate Reality for the Vaishnavas and a manifestation of Brahman in the Advaita or Smarta traditions of Hinduism.

The traditional Sanskrit explanation of the name Vishnu involves the root vis, meaning "to settle, to enter", or also (in the Rigveda) "to pervade", and a suffix nu, translating to approximately "the All-Pervading One". An early commentator on the Vedas, Yaska, in his Nirukta, defines Vishnu as 'Vishnu vishateh; one who enters everywhere', and 'yad vishito bhavati tad vishnurbhavati; that which is free from fetters and bondages is Vishnu.



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