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Wallpaper of Saraswati
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SARASWATI01 Wallpaper of Saraswati

SARASWATI02 Saraswati painting

SARASWATI03 Sri Saraswati painting

SARASWATI04 Wallpaper of Saraswati

SARASWATI05 Wallpaper of Saraswati

SARASWATI06 Saraswati painting

SARASWATI07 painting of Sri Saraswati

SARASWATI08 Wallpaper of Saraswati

SARASWATI09 Wallpaper of Saraswati

SARASWATI10 Saraswati painting

SARASWATI11 Sri Saraswati wallpaper

SARASWATI12 Wallpaper of Saraswati

SARASWATI13 Wallpaper of Saraswati

SARASWATI14 Saraswati painting

SARASWATI15 Sri Saraswati painting

SARASWATI16 Wallpaper of Saraswati

SARASWATI17 Wallpaper of Saraswati

SARASWATI18 Saraswati

SARASWATI19 Wallpaper of Saraswati

SARASWATI20 Saraswati

SARASWATI21 Wallpaper of Saraswati

SARASWATI22 Saraswati painting

SARASWATI23 Wallpaper of Saraswati

SARASWATI24 Saraswati screensaver

SARASWATI25 Wallpaper of Saraswati

SARASWATI26 Saraswati  wallpapers

SARASWATI27 Wallpaper of Saraswati

SARASWATI28 Saraswati pictures
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Saraswati is the Hindu Goddess of learning ,wisdom, knowledge, the literary arts including music and speech .

The Sanskrit word Sara means "essence" and swa means "self." Thus Saraswati means "the essence of the self." Saraswati is represented in Hindu mythology as the divine consort of Lord Brahma, the Creator of the universe.

While representing consciousness and wisdom, Saraswati is also regarded as Vaagdevi, the Goddess of sound and speech, “The Flowing-One.”
She represents the union of power and intelligence from which organized creation arises.

Possessing all the knowledge of the Vedas, scriptures, dancing, musical power and poetry. She also revealed language and writing to man.
Her origin is the lost Vedic River Saraswati. Which is the source of her profound connection to fluidity in any aspect (water, speech, thought...).

Goddess Saraswati is revered as the dispeller of chaos and confusion.

All institutions of learning are regarded as Saraswati's temple. And hence she is often revered by searchers of knowledge such as students, teachers, scholars, and scientists.

She is usually seen playing a Veena, though all musical instruments are regarded as symbols of the Goddess of Wisdom.
Saraswati is said to be the bestower of knowledge that dispels ignorance and unhappiness.

Besides her role in Hinduism as the consort of Lord Brahma, she was also, like the Goddess Tara, absorbed from Vedic culture into the Buddhist pantheon and came to China via the Chinese translations of the Sutra of Golden Light, which has a section devoted to her.

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